This is the classic recipe without gimmicks, the one you will always go to. It’s buttery, creamy and fluffy. You can add more flavours as per my tips below, but honestly there’s no point, as it is a side dish. A side dish enhances the meal, it’s not the hero dish. Don’t ever use a blender or any electric appliance of any kind or you will ruin it. The wooden spoon is the best tool, it will fluff up your mash, and avoids it releasing the starches that can make the texture gluey. The ricer will add extra fluff and ensures there are no lumps. There are no lumps in this mash it’s simply texture, but if you prefer smoother, just whip it further.  Depending on how you like it, you can add more or less milk. For me a good mash shouldn’t be runny or too smooth, it needs texture. Taste for seasoning at the end but don’t eat half the bowl like I do!