For all those potato-lovers out there, I’ve got just the dish for you! Introducing Crusty Potato Gratin! A delicious side dish made with creamy potatoes, and Gruyere cheese for a special crust. By using a flat baking tray, each piece of potato is crusted in cheese for the tastiest, most flavourful potatoes ever.


It’s a great way to take your ordinary potatoes up a notch and make them into something extra special. Not only is Crusty Potato Gratin amazingly tasty, but it also looks impressive too and is sure to complete any meal perfectly.


Simply layer thickly sliced cooked potatoes in a baking tray, topped with cream, cheese sauce and seasoning.  Bake until golden and bubbly hot. Crusty Potato Gratin, Deliciousness Right Out Of The Oven!


The irresistible flavour of this dish will have your family running to the table whenever it’s announced on the menu! So if you’re looking for an easy side dish that everyone will love, Crusty Potato Gratin is the perfect one!