If you like coconut shrimp with a crispy coating than this recipe is made for you! A very simple recipe with delicious result. Too many recipes add a ton of ingredients, spices, herb, breadcrumbs etc. which takes away the integrity of the shrimp or prawn. (We call them prawns in OZ). This recipe is made simple so you can taste the real prawn flavour, enhanced with the tropical crunch of coconut. The prawn remains creamy inside with a crispy outer coating. You can certainly use your favorite dipping sauce, see my tips below, but if you want to taste the real prawn flavour, then squeeze some lemon or lime juice for perfection.

These coconut shrimps are really simple to make, the butterfly cut is the hardest part, it does make a big difference so please, don’t skip that step. You can use the sweet or standard shredded coconut, that depends on your taste. Both are excellent, but if you have the option, chose the coarser variety rather than finer shred. Try and maintain the correct oil frying temperature, and don’t add to many at ones or it will cool it down. You want them to be crispy not greasy so stick to 375°F – 190°C.

Serve them with a crisp Asian salad with coriander leaves as a side dish. These are great as starter (entree) or appetizer. If making them in advance, you can reheat them by placing them in a cold oven, turned on at at 350°F – 180°C for 20-25 minutes. Enjoy my coconut shrimp!