For me, Bruschetta has to be tomato and basil. The basil has to be fresh and the tomatoes ripe, as in this case, semi dried for am intense sweet flavour. The name Bruschetta originated from the meaning of toasting over hot coals. We don’t all have hot coals so the griddle pan is the next best thing. Don’t go and use a toaster, it simply won’t give you the right taste. You need that charred flavour with hints of smokiness. Use the best olive oil you can afford, yes it has to be first pressed virgin. This is a simple dish with few ingredients so it deserves the best! (and so do you) I used goat cheese, but you can use other soft cheeses like, mozzarella, Bocconcini, even fetta.  Most cheeses are salty enough, but if not, add a little more flaked salt on top.