A delicious, healthy and simple to make vegetarian recipe. An amazing combination of sweet, salty and acidic flavours with a touch of crunch. 

Only takes minutes to make, the rest is simply oven cooking time.  Sweet potato is an amazingly nutritious vegetable, good for gut health, vision, brain and your immune system. 

But forget the health reasons, it’s simply delicious!  By baking these potatoes, the natural sugars caramelise the edges for an amazing sweet taste.   Topped with a browned haloumi cheese and an acidic creamy tahini dressing, you’ll think you’re eating cream. 

The salty, acidic flavours marry well with the chest-nutty flavour of this baked sweet potato.  It also has some toasted pine nuts for crunch and some fresh dill for freshness.  Enjoy my baked sweet potato for lunch or anytime!